Have you ever experienced a fragrance and it instantly reminded you of something or somewhere? We believe our custom paraffin blend candles have the ability to transport your senses to far away places. Could it be a pristine beach in the Caribbean, a hillside village in Europe or a special place known only to you? Whatever the destination, we are sure that you will have fond memories and create new ones with each Passport Candle that you experience.

Made by hand in Southern Louisiana, our heavily scented candles are truly euphoric. Rich layers of fragrances which contain a high percentage of essential oils are what set us apart. Take a vacation on a moments notice without owning a private jet!

wgv image

Weekender Glass Votive

Big fragrance comes in small packages! This 4 ounce candle is poured into a thick glass cube and is packaged in a clear cellophane bag. It is then adorned with a Passport hangtag and a hand tied, custom printed bow. Available in all Passport Fragrances

  • 4 ounce
  • $7.90 each

  • 8 case per fragrance
  • 20 hour burn time
dgc image

Destination Glass Candle

This beautiful custom printed, two piece box holds something special. Lift the lid and you will find the destination of your dreams! Our glass tumbler is filled with 12 ounces of intensely perfumed wax and is topped with a brushed aluminum lid. Heavy and large, this size offers great value. Your paradise is only moments away. Strike a match and let Passport take you there. Available in all Passport fragrances.

  • 12 ounce
  • $23.50 each

  • 4 case per fragrance

  • 55 – 60 hour burn time
ttc image

Travel Tin Candle

Size does matter! This versatile brushed aluminum tin is the perfect travel companion and is larger than most tin candles on the market offering 8 ounces of custom blended heaven. Not only does it fit easily in a suitcase, it is also perfect for home use as well. Have a stay-cation with Passport!

Available in all Passport fragrances

  • 8 ounce

  • $13.50 each

  • 4 case per fragrance

  • 40 – 45 hour burn time
cc image

Compote Candle

Packaged in a custom printed wrapper using our classic color palate. The largest size in the Passport line up is our Compote Candle. This 20 ounce footed container features a simple ribbing and three exquisite glazed finish choices. With two wicks, this powerful candle really knows how to throw the fragrance. You have arrived at your destination. Colors available: Distressed Mocha, Cream and Blue.

Available in all Passport fragrances

  • 20 ounce
  • $33.50 each

  • 2 case per color/fragnce

  • 100 – 110 hour burn time